The Ultimate List of Immunity-Boosting Foods

The global market for immunity-boosting food was estimated at around $830 billion in 2019 and is expected to be more than $1 trillion by 2023. The sharp rise in this particular industry can be attributed to the recent onset of the coronavirus pandemic. With the virus pandemic rising to its peak and coming back in waves, the numbers are expected to change and are expected to be much higher.

This is because people have started to realise the importance of a balanced diet and consuming immunity-boosting food. They have started to look for healthier alternatives in food and beverages, hoping that they can reduce the chances of suffering from the virus. Even if they do, they can reduce the impact on their health with an already boosted immunity.

People with COVID-19 were treated by boosting their immunity by giving them Vitamin-C & Vitamin-D through IV; people started to realise its importance. They soon started taking immunity-boosting food, especially those that are rich in vitamins, as a precautionary measure to curb its effects. 

So, let’s take a look at a short and crisp list of immunity-boosting food that you can include in your daily life.

  • Spinach

Leafy green veggies like spinach are loaded with cold-busting zinc, antioxidants and Vitamin A while being low in calories.

What it does:

It boosts your eyesight, prevents eye damage, aids in digestion, boosts immunity, helps you enjoy clearer skin, promotes weight loss and improves heart health.

Who it’s good for:

Vitamin A is especially good for pregnant women as it boosts the baby’s immune system as well.

  • Carrots

Carrots are a sweet and crunchy immunity booster that is full of immunity-boosting nutrients and essential vitamins that helps you fight infections. Its high Vitamin A content keeps your respiratory system healthy, making it extremely important in this recent pandemic. It also improves the health of your intestines and stomach. 

What it does:

Carrots are important for improving vision, especially your ability to adjust in the dark. It also helps in digestion and even prevents constipation. It keeps your cholesterol levels in check, lowers blood pressure and improves heart health while boosting immunity. 

Carrots boost eye health (especially night vision), help in digestion and ensure bowel regularity. They also boost heart health and cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve the health of your skin and last but not least, boost immunity.

Who it’s good for:

Carrots help in the circulation of carotenoids, making it essential for women as it helps prevent breast cancer. According to several sources and researches, carrots also help in lowering cholesterol level. It is also an essential dietary addition for those suffering from night blindness.

  • Eggs

It is a heart-healthy source of protein that comes along with necessary vitamins that protect you against flu. It is rich in iron and essential vitamins like Vitamin A, helping you boost your immune system. 

What it does:

Eggs contain almost every possible nutrient that a human body needs. It boosts good cholesterol that lowers the risk of heart diseases. It is also one of the best and the easiest sources of chrome, and it helps strengthen your brain membranes, helping you retain its structure. It also contains omega 3s and antioxidants.

Who it’s good for:

It is an excellent source of nutrients for pregnant women, adolescent kids and those into fitness. Being rich in animal protein, it improves muscle mass while enhancing bone strength.

These are some of the commonly found immunity booster foods which should be considered as a ‘must-have’ in your regular diet. But if you want to boost your immunity, you must stress having a balanced diet with enough amount of water and fluid and water intake to keep your body hydrated.

But as most adults are unable to maintain a strict diet to enjoy a complete balance, most adults face problems as they often face a deficit of essential nutrients. So it is a smart idea to take vitamin supplements like vitamin gummies and include them in your diet as an immunity-boosting food item. 

If you are wooed by the idea of Vitamin gummies and want to get some questions answered before putting your bets on it, we’ve got you covered. Click here: Everything You Need to Know about Vitamin Gummies!

Although this method is quite unorthodox, doctors often recommend doctors as it provides you with a sudden boost of nutrients that your body needs. Click here to go through a wide variety of vitamin gummies that addresses the several needs of our day to day life.

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